Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sometimes you have to back track.

We are currently doing a unit on adjectives. Last week we did an intensive study of adjectives. During center time students did an independent activity on adjectives, had a mini lesson on adjectives with me, and had a full lesson on adjectives with my co-teacher. Our reading test included 4 questions on adjectives and most of my students did well. Friday we did acrostic poems of our names using adjectives - Smart athletic magnificent Today we began talking about adjectives that go with the 5 senses. I made a chart of the senses and I listed one adjective that went with each sense - Taste Touch Smell Sight Hearing Salty Rough Stinky Big Loud I asked students to give more examples. One of my brightest students raised her hand first. Her response, flower. Needless to say, I was floored. After all that instruction they still did not understand. I decided to go back and scale down today's lesson. I put the following on the board - Taste Touch Noun Adjective Noun Adjective 1. apple juicy 1. rock smooth 2. pickle salty 2. water cool I figured that by providing a noun it would help students come up with an adjective. Students copied the chart with the 2 examples above and had to provide 3 more sets of nouns and adjectives for taste and touch. I walked around to check their work, and they seemed to finally get it. Hopefully when we move on to the three other senses tomorrow they won't offer nouns as adjectives.

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