Sunday, April 7, 2013

Flash Sale!!!!!

First off, Isn't the new blog design absolutely adorable!?! Big thanks to Megan at A Bird in the Hand Blog Designs! Secondly, to celebrate my awesome new design all items $2.00 or more are on sale for 10% off. This is a flash sale, so it ends Tuesday the 9th. Thank you for your continued support! Susan


  1. Hey there!!

    I found you through Megan (she also did our blog design!) Yours is super cute!!!

    It looks like you may be from Georgia? So are we!!! How fun!!!

    We have a linky that starts on Sundays (but you can link up anytime) if you'd like to jump in and join. You'll get more traffic to your blog if you link up early, though. Check our Must Read Mentor Text
    page for more details if you are interested!

    We are your newest followers!
    Collaboration Cuties

    1. Thank y'all so much! I really appreciate it. I'm headed over to your blog to check it out now :)