Saturday, April 20, 2013

Review Day

With testing and Field Day this past week we really didn't get a whole lot accomplished. Yesterday I decided that we would spend some time in centers. Every center I put out was for review to see what my kiddos had retained and what I need to go back over these last 4 weeks of school. I decided to have them do 2 of the centers I made. I was pleasantly surprised when they loved them! They couldn't believe that I had made them either. The contraction center proved easy for most of the students, which made me glad that they all remembered contractions. The other game that I made and had them play was the multiplication match from my week long multiplication unit. It was a little harder for them, but we are just finishing multiplication so I expected it. It was interesting to see the various ways that each group chose to play the game. Overall I would say it was a great day full of review and fun center games!

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