Monday, May 13, 2013

Geometry Project

Because we only have a few days of school left I have started letting my students work on projects that review 2nd grade CCGPS and introduce them to a little 3rd grade CCGPS. Today we reviewed all of the geometry we learned this year. Then I had students complete a project to evaluate their retention of the shapes. Each student got about 35 flat tooth picks, a list of objects to make, a glue stick and a large piece of construction paper. Students glued the tooth picks to the paper to make each of the geometric shapes. They were also required to label each shape. The shapes we did on the project were line, ray, intersecting lines, parallel lines, acute angle, right angle, obtuse angle, pentagon, hexagon, octogon, and parallelogram. I was pleasantly surprised that my students worked very quietly on this project. An overwhelming majority of them did a fantastic job on the project! I have a 3-D project planned for tomorrow. I will be sure to take pictures and display them here when I tell you all about it later this week. :)

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